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Waste Line Cleaning

Various Airliners statistics have shown an increase of the breakdown of wastlines due to blockages caused by caliumcarbonate and urine-stone as well as debris of all sorts. We have a solution.

Video Assessment and Documentation

Using a specially developed high resolution waterproof video scope surveillance system, we are able to identify the actual current condition of the wasteline system, locate and determine blockages such as deposits, rubbish etc. and after the wasteline cleaning process with the rotating nozzle has been completed, confirm proof of work via digital recording on a CD Rom, of the cleaned wasteline system.

Before and After

wasteline cleaningBefore Cleaning
Pipe with heavy calcification
wasteline cleaningAfter Cleaning
Pipe cleaned using the cleaning jet.

Waterpressure cleaning with the Rotating Nozzle Cleaning System

Extensive tests confirmed that the operating water pressure of the Cleaning System, caused by the jet of water on the inner walls of the vacuum tubes did not exceed the specified data listed in the AMM, described by the major A/C manufacturers. The exact location of debris and/or blockages determined with the videoscope surveillance system enables precise high water pressure cleaning of the wasteline system with the newly developed rotating nozzle cleaning system. The removal of the loosened debris is completed with a specially developed external vacuum unit. This external system works with no activation of the "On Board" operating system.

The Cleaning System enables:

  • removal of existing sediments in the wasteline system
  • breakthrough and removal of blockages and deposits in the aircraft waste line systems.
  • prevention of further accumulation of contamination "build-up" on the inner walls of the tubes

Tests show that two wasteline cleanings per year prevent contamination build-up, removing the thin and soft layers of sedimentation on the inner walls of the tubes. This guarantees a free flow condition of the wasteline system.  Without reventive maintenance appr. 2mm contamination build-up per month will occur.